Walt Churchill's Market

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Online ordering has now closed. However, we may still be able to accommodate requests. Please contact your preferred WCM location for availability.

Maumee (419) 794-4000
Perrysburg (419) 872-6900

Traditional Dressing/Stuffing: $6.99/lb.
Mashed Potato: $6.99/lb.
Turkey Gravy: $12.99/qt.
Cranberry Orange Relish: $6.99/lb.
Green Bean Casserole: $6.99/lb.
Butter Flake: $5.99/half doz.
Assorted Dinner Rolls: $5.99/ doz.
Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball: $8.99/lb.
Classic Cheddar Cheese Ball: $8.99/lb.
Beef & Onion Cheese Ball: $8.99/lb.
Assorted Pies $11.99-$20.99